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Greg's List: Plymouth Business Coupe
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner This 1947 Plymouth Business Coupe "Street Rod" offered for sale by C & C Auto Sales in Riverside, NJ is the real deal as far as traditional "Street Rod's" go and is offered at a really great price to get into the "Street Rod" scene! I say, a great price, because for what you're getting, it would surely cost a lot more than the $18,900 they are asking for this unique and sweet, clean looking, drive anywhere "Street Rod", if you had to build it yourself from scratch!

Many untold and long-forgotten hours of planning, collecting parts and components, fabricating, test-fitting and re-fitting, pre-assembly, assembly and final testing goes into the metamorphosis of a "Street Rod" from any donor vehicle before it is completed and ready to be driven on the street. And all that is usually before the paint is applied and finishing touches and tweaks are completed.

Here's what the good folks at C & C have to say about this particular 1947 Plymouth Business Coupe "Street Rod" :

1947 Plymouth Business Coupe Done in a SWEET and SHINY Copper Penny Metallic with a NICE and OH SO COMFORTABLE Black Interior ...... She is POWERED by a 400 Cubic Inch small block Chevy with a Turbo 400 Automatic trans and a GM 10 bolt Posi rear ..... She EVEN HAS a Mustang II independent front suspension with POWER Disc Brakes and POWER Rack and Pinion Steering... The Tilt steering wheel adds to the driving COMFORT in this SWEETHEART !!

The BODY sports a CHOPPED TOP, Shaved door handles, hood and trunk ....... Remote door openers let ya gain entrance to the COMFORTABLE interior .. and she has a BACK SEAT TOO !!!!! The AM/FM/Cassette stereo will keep ya entertained as the miles click by ..... The American Racing Wheels are the PERFECT TOUCH for that " LOOK" that makes ALL THE HEADS TURN as you pass by ......

Even the WIFE can pilot this one 'cause it runs, drives, steers and stops as SWEETLY as ANY hot rod out there ..... HURRY ... at the price this one will be here a VERY SHORT TIME !!!! 2 Door,2 Wheel Drive, Automatic Transmission, Rear Wheel Drive, Alloy Wheels, Custom Wheels, New Tires, Premium Wheels, AM/FM Radio

I happen to have a special attachment to the 1947 Plymouth Coupes, as I owned a nice, completely stock, very clean, original condition, daily-driver back in 1974, while still in high school. That car was awesome and I have many fond memories of cruisin' the local strip with my favorite girl at my side and my buddies cruisin' in their rides, mostly 50's and 60's vehicles, and going back and forth through the center of our small mid-western town. There wasn't much else to do back then, but that kept us busy enough and (mostly) out of mischief! The old six-banger with the three-on-the-tree wasn't much on performance, but she looked great and ran quiet and was as smooth as a sewing machine! But, it was a top-heavy car and you had to be careful in the corners with her, as the "body roll" was pretty significant. Oh, and she (the car) was great for the outdoor movies (which are all but gone nowadays) and that car had plenty of room inside (nearly enough to chase my girl around . . . on foot! That was, of course, only if the movie lost our interest!) to actually watch the movie as comfortably as being in your living room! Ahhhh, the memories!!!!

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Remember: July is recognized in the USA as National Collector Car Appreciation month and specifically July 8th was our National Collector Car Appreciation Day! So enjoy all the festivities and activities going on this month near you, or drive anywhere you like for that matter, and show some support for the industry we all know and love! Many events are posted, for your perusal, right here at the Event Calendar, so look them up and make some plans to enjoy some drive time and camaraderie with your fellow enthusiast's. So drive safe, but have a blast and thanks for reading'! I feel like taking a cruise myself! See ya next week!

Quiz of the week: What automotive icon and assembly-line "pioneer" passed away in 1947 at age 83?

Answer: Henry Ford

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