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Greg's List: 442
By Greg Warner

Classic Car Articles by Greg Warner The Oldsmobile (a Division of General Motors) answer to the "Musclecar" craze that began in the mid 60's (1964 to be exact), was the F-85/Cutlass "4-4-2" mid-sized model. "4-4-2" initially stood for a "special option package" of their F-85/Cutlass mid-sized models, which came equipped with a four-barrel carburetor, four-speed manual transmission (or four-on-the-floor) with dual-exhaust from the factory.

For the "4-4-2" units produced with an automatic transmission, the first "4" stood for 400 c.i., V8 (which was the base engine supplied); the second "4", stood for four-barrel carburetor and again, the "2" stood for dual-exhaust. By 1968, however, the "4-4-2" was flying solo as its own distinct model, which would continue through the 1971 year models and again, after that, it would revert back to an option of the Cutlass models, and carry on through the mid-seventies.

It (the "4-4-2" option/model/badging) would re-appear several times after that, through the 80's and into the 90's, but did not necessarily designate a four-barrel, four-speed with dual-exhaust.

This beautiful, yellow (with black "racing" stripes and black interior) 1969 Oldsmobile "4-4-2" Convertible (Lot#T-109) featured here is being offered by Mecum Auction Company, at their Kissimmee, Florida event, which began yesterday, January 26th and running through Sunday, January 30th. The 1969 Oldsmobile "4-4-2" had a 112" wheelbase, weighing around 3,500 lbs and originally sold for about $4,000.00, give or take, depending on options.

The performance specifications on the most powerful of all the "4-4-2" models was the "Hurst/Olds 4-4-2", with a 455 c.i. "Big-Block" V-8, producing 380 hp, and was stated to reach 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds and a 1/4-mile run was clocked at approximately 103 mph in 14.03 seconds! Not bad for a box-stock, factory issued, hulk of a car that possessed pure performance, coupled with awesome handling for a vehicle of its size!

Check out all the other fine vehicles, collectible "Motorbilia" and unique items being offered at the Mecum Auction Company's Event broadcast live on the Discovery Network from now through Sunday! Good luck bidding!

Quiz of the week: What "James Bond" movie earned over 22 million dollars (over 87M worldwide) at the U.S. box office in 1969? And what actor portrayed "Blofeld" (the head honcho of the evil "SPECTRE" organization) as James' arch enemy in this same movie?

Bonus question: What American brand/model of car was "Tracy" (James' eventual, yet short lived, wife in the movie) driving when they met, near the beginning of the movie?

Answers: On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Telly Savalas, Bonus: Mercury Cougar

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