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Shelby GT
By Larry Edsall

Shelby GT Learn from the master: Shelby GT
Sitting in a large parking lot on the grounds of Las Vegas Motor Speedway are dozens and dozens of black or white 2007 Ford Mustang.

Unlike all the new cars sitting in various parking lots around metro Detroit, these Mustangs aren't merely being stockpiled. Instead, they're simply waiting to be driven across the street to the facilities of Shelby Automobiles, Inc., where each will be transformed into a Shelby GT, a car that not only has higher performance potential than the standard Mustang GT, but that also has the aura that comes with having Carroll Shelby's name on a vehicle's flanks.

Just as the cars are waiting for their fine-tuning, so, too, people are lined up, eager for one of the Shelby GTs to be delivered through a local Ford dealership.

To transform Mustang GT into Shelby GT, Shelby Automobiles installs some of its own custom parts and some parts it sources from Ford Racing Performance Group. The later include a Power Upgrade Package -- a 90-mm cold-air intake and performance mapping for the engine management computer -- and a Handling Pack with special shocks, lowering springs, 3.55:1 rear axle and front strut tower brace.

Shelby also installs an exhaust system much like that on the Shelby GT500, a 500-horsepower version of the Mustang, as well as 18-inch wheels and BFGoodrich gForce T/A KDWS tires and a Hurst short-throw shifter (on cars equipped with manual transmissions). The cars get special front fascia, a brushed-aluminum grille and a hood scoop based on the one at on the famed Shelby Cobra roadster. A pair of silver Le Mans-style racing stripes, side scoops, special floor mats and sill plates and authentication plates on the dashboard and under the hood complete the transformation.

The changes boost horsepower from 300 to 319 and torque from 320 to 330 foot-pounds. The suspension changes also make the car's dynamic performance more responsive.

Should you already have a Ford Mustang GT, you can order the Ford Racing parts and mimic the performance if not the look of the Shelby version.

In addition to parts used on the Shelby GT, Shelby and Ford Racing have many other aftermarket parts for the new Mustang. For more information, visit or

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