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By Larry Edsall

HyperPAC HyperPAC designed to monitor and to enhance street-legal performance potential
Wonder how long it takes your car to reach 60 miles per hour? Or how much horsepower it's really producing? Or maybe you want to be able to enhance powertrain performance for towing or fuel economy. An aftermarket product is designed to do all of the above, and it's also designed as a plug-and-play unit with installation so simple that its makers weren't going to include an instruction manual.

The HyperPAC is from Hypertech, a Memphis, Tennessee area-based company that has been making computerized engine control units for nearly 20 years.

Hypertech's founder Mark Heffington is a mechanical engineer who was a consultant to Buick's Indy car engine program in the late 1980s. After seeing what GM's racing department was doing with computerized engine controllers, Heffington started Hypertech to produce high-performance engine computer chips.

When federal OBD-II engine controls became standard equipment on all cars, Hypertech responded by making computerized devices to reprogram engine controls that maintained legal emissions but also enhanced performance parameters.

HyperPAC (Hypertech Performance Automotive Computer) has a retail price of less than $800, is available through various auto parts shops, and includes software and a touch-screen monitor to provide chassis dyanometer information, a diagnostic tool and even a drag strip style Christmas tree starting light system.

"With HyperPAC, you can re-program your vehicle for more power and better fuel economy, monitor the engine, in addition to measuring acceleration, power and torque output," said Heffington. "You can easily evaluate any changes to a vehicle, such as the addition of aftermarket performance equipment. It's like having your own drag strip, engine dyno, chassis dyno, data acquisition system, diagnostic machine and power tuning computer, all in one."

A company spokesman said the HyperPAC can be calibrated to a specific drag strip's timing clocks and, unlike typical chassis dynos, can factor aerodynamic drag into its calculations.

For more information, visit the website.

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