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American Shine
By Larry Edsall

American Shine Anton in action: He gives vehicles an "American Shine"
Dave Anton wasn't happy with the car care product he was buying for the cars he took to car shows or for those he was driving back and forth to work, so he decided to see if he couldn't make his own. The result is American Shine, a growing line that now includes a dozen car care products.

"Most people don't ever touch their cars," Steve Brown, director of sales and marketing for American Shine of Lancaster, Calif., says of the way people take care of their vehicle's surfaces.

"We find it frustrating when we see a 2005 model car and it's covered in dirt," he continues. "People don't understand about the paint on their car, that if you use a good wax to protect your paint, it keeps the paint in a pliable condition, so it can breathe just like the [sheet]metal expands [or contracts]."

Brown notes that unprotected paint get brittle, and when struck by something such as a small rock or other road debris, it chips. Proper care, including a good waxing every three months, helps the surface withstand such abuse, even parking-lot door dings, he says.

"We want to help those who already care about their vehicles and to educate the people who don't know," adds Brown.

Anton started creating his own car care products by using a blender he borrowed from his wife's kitchen. In 1998, he began demonstrating and selling his products at car shows and swap meets, and he continues to visit such venues.

Anton first used the name Lazy Man Wax, but changed to American Shine in 1999. Last year, the company moved into a new headquarters and manufacturing facility and also launched its first marine products.

American Shine combines three of its leading products in a $32.95 gift pack that includes Carnuba wax, Carnuba wash and Super Shine tire dressing. It offers products individual, on in various groupings, including what it calls a "complete detail kit" that for $199.95 includes a full array of car care products in a bag with various custom-made pockets and holders.

The company's newest product is a "Detail Caddy," a rolling organizer that holds a bucket, various car care products and also provides a place for you to sit while you detail tires or other parts of your vehicle that are close to the ground.

American Shine products are sold through its website or through retail outlets. For more on American Shine and its products, visit the

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