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Rosen Visor
By Larry Edsall

Rosen Visor Aircraft technology provides colorful see-thru sun visors

Safety and style don't always come together in the automotive aftermarket, but they do with Rosen Visors, which combine colorful style and see-through-the-glare vision for the car's pilot.

We use the word "pilot" on purpose, because Rosen Visors originally were developed for use in aircraft, starting with the Boeing 747 in 1985.

"The goal at that point was to block the glare without compromising the pilot’s view of surrounding traffic," said Mike Fiske, sales manager for Rosen Sunvisor Systems LLC. In addition to the jumbo jets, Rosen produced see-thru visors for all sorts of corporate, commercial and private planes.

"Pilots came to us at air shows and said 'I want these for my car'," Fiske added in an interview in 2006. "We got tired of saying we don't make them."

Rosen, with its own manufacturing facility in Eugene, Oregon, produces sun visors for aircraft, automobiles, commercial and recreation vehicles and boats.

Rosen's automotive visors are branded as "Street Shadez" and look like colorful sunglasses. They are available in various colors, shades, shapes and patterns.

All use optical quality lens material with 99 percent reduction in ultraviolet light and are designed to enhance feature definition and reduce glare.

They are mounted on billet aluminum arms and articulating mounts that provide a variety of angles for adjustment.

Installation can be as easy as unscrewing the factory mount and replacing it with the Rosen visor.

Rosen offers a mix-and-match system with the customer selecting the mount, arm color, lens shape, lens color and graphics (if desired).

Suggested retail price is $250 for a set of visors, which can be ordered through the company's website, By the way, when we checked the website, they were running a special offer: buy one set of visors and get a second set of lenses free.

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