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By Larry Edsall

Dynaliner DynaLiner lets your truck's colors shine through

Henry Ford would have loved pickup truck bed liners. After all, just like Ford's original Model T, you can get a bed liner in any color you want – as long as it's black.

But not anymore. DynaLiner is a clear, spray-on bed liner material that allows the color of your truck's paint to show through.

DynaLiner was developed by Creative Material Technologies, Ltd., of Palmer, Mass. DynaLiner's John Becker IV said that while the company was founded in 1997, its heritage traces back more than 40 years because his father was one of the chemists who played a key role in "fine particle size latex chemistry." In other words, his father helped make latex house paint possible. Indeed, the Becker house was one of the first three test houses for latex paint.

Becker's father soon founded his own company to use molecular formation to solve problems regarding various kinds of coating applications. Their first efforts were in pressure-treated wood coatings and in finding a way to make those coatings clear so the wood grain showed through.

Using chemistry and developing their own application equipment and techniques, they branched into industrial coatings and now into bed liners for trucks. Becker notes that the same material used in bed liners can be used for coating bumpers. His son has coated the sides of the Chevy Blazer he uses for off-roading to prevent scratches from rocks or tree branches.

Becker said the DynaLiner not only lets the original equipment manufacturer's paint show through, but that the clear coating loses only 2 percent of its gloss over 6 ½ years of wear and that some eye doctors say that's not even noticeable to the eye.

Prices for the clear bed liners typically run in the $500-$700 range, which makes them more expensive than black spray-in liners but Becker says many truck owners don't like the basic black and want to see their truck's paint show through. Becker says DynaLiners also can be sprayed on in various colors and even in a metallic finish.

For more information, see the website. For shops that apply the DynaLiner, call (413) 284-0000.

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