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Bed Rug
By Larry Edsall

Bed Rug BedRug Softens the Impact of Plastic or Spray-In Bedliners

As its name indicates, a BedRug is a "rug" that fits into the bed of a pickup truck.

But instead of being made from traditional carpet or even indoor/outdoor fake grass, a BedRug is made from materials – polypropylene fiber and foam – that not only provide a carpet-like surface that enhances the truck's appearance while keeping items in the bed from sliding around as the truck moves, but are resistant to gasoline, oil, bleach, acid and other substances and can be easily cleaned with a hose, vacuum or pressure washer.

Wise Industries, Inc., a two-decades-old automotive, RV and aircraft supplier from Old Hickory, Tennessee, has been producing BedRugs for more than a dozen years, with versions to fit various size pickup truck beds.

BedRugs are designed to cover not only the floor of the bed, but the sides as well as the inside of the tailgate.

With the introduction of drop-in and spray-in bedliners, Wise realized it needed an alternative product for customers who still want a padded, rug-like covering for the floor of their truck's bed. (Some customers, when they bought trucks with factory-installed drop-in plastic liners, didn't want to give up their BedRugs and carved then up to create custom-fit if cobbled-together versions.)

Such work no longer is necessary since Wise introduced the BedRug Mat. The Mat covers the floor of the pickup bed (an optional cover for the inside of the tailgate is available). The Mat provides a surface that keeps cargo from sliding or from being scratched, and also furnishes a soft surface for those who like to sit on the tail gate or even sleep in the bed while camping.

For trucks with spray-in liners, Wise supplies 3M Dual Lock fasteners. For those with drop-in plastic liners, special push-button studs secure the Mat to the vehicle, much like those used to hold floor mats in place inside many cars. For trucks with neither a drop-in or spray-in liner, the BedRug or BedRug Mat can be attached with hook-and-loop fasteners.

While a full BedRug can cost $300 or more, the BedRug Mat generally is priced between $89 and $169, depending on size. The optional tail gate liner is around $50.

All BedRugs and BedRug Mats come in a standard gray color.

For more information, including a list of automotive accessory and parts stores that sell BedRug products, visit

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