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By Larry Edsall
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The Bullitt is Back!
2008 Bullitt Mustang Delivers
Top Performance for a Modest Price

By Tom Trace
Forty years ago, Steve McQueen stormed the silver screen in a stealthy, super sweet 1968 Highland Green Mustang GT 390 fastback. That classic pony car soon became affectionately known as the "Bullitt" Mustang, named after the wildly popular film of the same name. In the film Bullitt, McQueen, as lieutenant Frank Bullitt, blasted around the streets of San Francisco burning rubber and fighting crime. Now for a mere $31,000 and some change you can have your very own 2008 version of that famous movie car! All you'll need is a plastic badge and diplomatic immunity for all of the traffic violations you’ll be cited for while living out your fantasy...

At the heart of the 2008 Bullitt is a 315 HP V8 that musters 325 pound-feet of torque at 4,250 RPM. If you're accustomed to neck-snapping acceleration you won’t be disappointed when you run this pony. The high-revving 4.6-liter engine winds up quickly and the Bullitt Mustang finds its stride instantly thanks to a Tremec 5-speed gearbox and a rear differential that boasts a 3.73-to-1 gear ratio.

To the standard Mustang platform the Bullitt version adds upgraded handling treatment that includes tuned shocks, heavy duty brake pads, a cold air induction system (the first on a Ford production car), a shock tower brace for added torsional stiffness, and sticky BF Goodrich T/A high performance tires. Ford also added a tuned exhaust for a throaty roar when you mash the gas pedal.

The Bullitt's tight handling, responsive braking, and absence of excessive and annoying body roll means the car would be a great choice for those interested in club racing. If you're not interested in weekend competition, the Bullitt's confidence-inspiring performance makes for a super-cool (and quite comfortable) daily driver for those who desire a bit more than the base V8 Mustang offers. And if you still want to occasionally test your cornering skills, the Bullitt can certainly hold its own through an apex, on-ramp, or curvy country road.

Inside, the Bullitt Mustang is loaded with Bullitt-only trim cues, including a striking machined dash and an eye-catching billet shifter knob that adorns the car's 5-speed gearbox. On the outside there are other subtle cues that only true "Stang" lovers will likely notice, such as the black badge-deleted grille reminiscent of the original Bullitt's sinister design. The crosshairs on the gas cap also serve notice to any cocky drivers that roll up behind the Bullitt in hopes of a quick street racing challenge (which we don’t condone).

Ford offered a "new" Bullitt GT in 2001. We like this one better. It looks meaner and runs like hell. If you want more flash from your next Mustang, stay away from the limited edition 2008 Bullitt Mustang and go for one of the many other color and trim choices that Ford offers for the standard Mustang line. However, if you’re a fan of the "sleeper" look (and a movie maven), then you’ll dig this well-tricked Pony for sure. Only 7,000 2008 Bullitt Mustangs will be built and the car is only available finished in dark green or black.

The Bullitt delivers maximum performance for a modest price. Ok, maybe it won't make you drive (or look) like Steve McQueen, but the 2008 Bullitt Mustang is a serious formula for fun if affordable performance is high on your wish list.

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